Lost Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys?

Worry no further. You have come to the right place. With decades of experience replacing car cars with thousands of customers, you can be sure we shall give you a new set of keys in no time.

The fact that we use the latest key cutting technology and deliver our services swiftly have helped us build a name that cannot be matched. Since we want to maintain this solid reputation that has taken us years to build, our goal is to exceed all your expectations and replace your car keys without forcing you to break your bank.

To us, it doesn’t matter what kind of key you have lost:

Transponder keys

Most cars that were manufactured after 1995 have transponder chips that are programmed for a particular vehicle. If you lose yours, replacing it can be a vicious cycle, and you are at times forced to replace all the locks and the ignition system which can cost you a lot of money. You no longer have to go through this!

With sophisticated equipment and immense knowledge that we have gained through our many years of service, we shall reprogram a new set of transponder keys in the shortest time possible, ensuring you hit the road in no time.

Remote key fob

Some cars have a keyless entry push button that you use to gain entry to your car and switch off the alarm system.

This device is too small and losing it is very easy. We do not want you to be locked out of your car and remain stranded in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, the model or make of your car doesn’t matter. Our special team of car key programmers will be there to offer you with another remote key fob when you call.

Non-remote car keys

Popularly known as copy key, non-remote keys neither have a remote locking function, nor a remote central locking system. We consider this the easiest key to replace. Therefore, when you lose it, keep us posted, and we shall deliver one to you promptly.

The information we need

In the world we are in today, every business needs to be cautious about everything they do, lest they might find themselves in the wrong side of the law. This is the reason why we request for the following information before we can offer any services, because we want to ensure we are dealing with your car, and not stolen property.

  • The model and make of your car
  • The registration number of the vehicle
  • The vehicles identification number (you can find this information in the V5 documents)
  • Your formal identification (this helps us ascertain that the vehicle is indeed yours)

The postcode of where you are- this information does not help us know who you are. Rather, it helps us get to you as fast as we can, especially when you are in an emergency.

Call the 24/7 auto locksmith you can trust!

We know that you need your vehicle at all times. Therefore, even if you need a key replacement service at night, our emergency team will be there to deliver. Work with us today!


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